Cheeta is more than just uniforms. We are here first and foremost to help you source the garments you require, but secondly, we want to see your club or business grow and be successful. We are passionate about success on the field and making it easier for the club to run off-field- by helping clubs make merchandise and apparel a vital but stress-free part of the club.


Too often we have clients come to us complaining of client managers from big companies who show no accountability, never communicate the process, and are often hard to contact. We guarantee consistent and upfront communication - no hidden delays or price surprises.


There is a lot to the branding of your club and your merchandise and apparel is an important part of this. We openly share all our knowledge on sourcing and selling garments, managing stock and increasing participation- allowing you to make more informed decisions.


Both directors of the business sit on local level club committees and play sport themselves. They understand that merchandise and apparel are often at the bottom of the priorities and can relate as they have experienced these pains themselves and will do all in our power to listen to your requirements.